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TAS5760MD: Audio Codec works not correctly

Part Number: TAS5760MD


I did not use this audio Codec with your PPCMB, instead of that an Imx8mn-Evk board is been used. I connected follow Pins in order to use this codec chip: I2S, I2C, SPK_GAIN, SPK_SD, SPK_FAULT, MUX ADR.

The driver I used is based on your TAS5720 Driver, which is supported from Linux Kernel. The device Tree is also based on the Documentation from Linux Kernel for TAS5720.

After that I can set Registers and start to "play" via Linux, but I cannot hear anything from my Speaker. After measuring the Signal in the output Port. I saw that the voltage gain is only 450mv even though I use 12V as PVDD.

I am not sure where the problem is and also if this codec is already defekt.

Thank you for your help!

Best regards

Rui Sun

  • Hi

    I think maybe the register between 2 chip is different.

    can you compare registers wrote in datasheet between these 2 chips.

    if there is difference, maybe you need to modify the driver of tas5720.



  • Hi Jesse,

    I made Adjustments according to the TAS5760MD Register Map. My driver changed only Control Register und Mute Register when I start and stop the audio. The other Registers are remaind unchanged. But there are some "unsual things" I meet when I test this codec:

    * I got sometimes Warning: "failed to read FAULT register: -6" wenn Audio is played. This happened randomly.

    * Some register Values will be changed to 0 automatically after the Audio is stopped. I am sure that my Driver did not do that. It seems to be an inter Problem, which caused by some wrong settings, which I made. But except the SDK_SD Pin I have nothing to set for the Codec.

    I am confused with settings of SPK_SD Pin. We can set SDZ Register to shutdown or wakeup the codec, if this means, that in Software Mode the SPK_SD is no longer necessary? Can I simple put it in GND or 3V3?  Or I should set this Pin and SDZ Register at the same time? 



  • Hi Sun

    The SPK_SD pin can not been put to GND or 3.3v directly.

    You should set the Pin and SDZ register at the same time when you want to recover from a latched error.

    Or you can realized the auto-recover by connecting the /SPK_Fault and the /SPK_SDZ pin as what the datasheet said.