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RDK Value SB

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i am designing a soundbar referring to RDK Value SB. We assembled all components on PCB and then programming was done as explained in Ti Value SB Reference Design. we are able to program successfully. but the output is not as expected.

 problems: 1) the Shutdown(SD) pin of MSP430 is always low which pushes amplifier to shutdown.

2) we tried to observe the clocks(BCLK,WCLK,MCLK,SCL,SDA) in CRO. But we observed some random signals.


                 Did we programmed correctly or not. Please clearly explain how to program PCM3070 and MSP430 on SB step by step. Also explain me how to debug the SB.

                 There are two EEPROMS, one on SB and one on Programmer Board. While Programming PCM3070, which EEPROM is programmed while programming? which has to be programmed? how to select the required EEPROM. any I2C address we have to change?

Kindly please provide the information on above problems.

thanking you 

  • Hi Srinivas,

    We do have a development guide that has step by step instructions on programming the EEPROM. Please refer to the link below -


    The EEPROM on the soundbar board is for PCM3070 where as the EEPROM on the programming board is for TAS1020B (refer to section 8 System Communication and Control Flow). Also Appendix A maybe helpful, it has instructions for re-programming the programming board EEPROM.

    I would suggest that you contact TI local office to assist you if you have further issues. Thanks.


    Paul Chen

    Applications Engineer

    Dallas TX 

  • Hi Paul Chen,

                             I referred same development guide to program my Sound Bar. I followed the same steps mentioned there. still i am not getting sound.

                             I am not getting proper clocks(BCLK, MCLK, WCLK, SCL). Also the Shutdown pin is Always Low. after the programming these are the observations made. Did we programmed correctly. Please give explain me how to debug it.

                             I wrote a mail to local office(india) and awaiting for reply. 

                             Please explain me how to know that MSP430 is Working..........


    Srinivas. T.