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Headphone driving for LME49600

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Hi, firstly sorry for grammer.

I have a DAC for 2.25vpp output and audiotechnicha ad700 32ohm headphone, I dont need voltage amplifier stage. So I think I can use lme49600 without voltage amplifier stage, only current driver. I designed a simple circut

Is that work? If isn't, why?

  • Hi, dogac,

    No worries, we all speak the language of Audio here!!!

    Check this section of the d/s:

    Audio buffers or unity-gain followers, have large current gain and a voltage gain of one. Audio buffers serve
    many applications that require high input impedance, low output impedance and high output current. They also
    offer constant gain over a very wide bandwidth.
    Buffers serve several useful functions, either in stand-alone applications or in tandem with operational amplifiers.
    In stand-alone applications, their high input impedance and low output impedance isolates a high impedance
    source from a low impedance load.