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TLV320AIC32: How to connect it to PCto configure the codec

Part Number: TLV320AIC32
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TLV320AIC3105,


I'm trying to use tlv320aic32irhb audio codec chip,(note not evm). 

1) how can i connect to pc to configure internal gains of adc and dac etc? is there some uart method to do it?

2) Also wondering  can this audio codec be run on 3.7v battery? and also what about aic3206 codec?

  • V Pot,

    1. The TLV320AIC32 is compatible with our TLV320AIC3105. If you order an EVM for the AIC3105, you could swap the ICs and test it using the AIC3105 GUI.
    Understand of course that the AIC3105 is an updated version of the AIC32 with improved DAC SNR, expanded routing, and expanded AGC function. The majority of the registers are the same, but registers 103-109 are not available on the AIC32. there may be other minor differences, but they don't come to mind.

    2. 3.7 is beyond the recommended operating conditions for AVDD and DRVDD for the TLV320AIC32. The recommended MAx is 3.6V. if you used some kind of LDO that would be fine.

    The TLV320AUC3206 can be run with 1.8V IOVDD and AVDD. So using a 3.7V battery with some kind of Buck/LDO would be fine. AVDD/IOVDD have an recommended max of 3.6V for this device also. So you would need some kind of LDO same as above for this configuration

    best regards,
    -Steve Wilson
  • steve,

    Thanks for your reply.

    1)i already have a evm that has aic32 on board. my question is if i make a pcb with aic32, how can i connect it to computer to configure the codec settings? i know i2c interface is a way. but I couldn't find a detailed document on how to do this.

    2) so if aic3206 has 1.8v requirement, can i assume the audio output gain of 3206 is less than aic32? since aic32 can be run on 3.3v.

  • V Pot,

    1) There isn't a detailed document on how to do this, because the datasheet covers I2C communication, and thats how you communicate with the Codec. how you choose to communicate via I2C is truly up to you. we have seen these Codecs in all sorts of different end equipment, some have very powerful processors that take care of the register configuration, and some have very simple processors to configure the registers.
    If you simply want a processor that will configure the registers, an MSP430 would work just fine. You could put a JTAG connector on the board so that you could reprogram the MSP430 if you wanted to change the configuration.

    2. Correct, I just reread my post and realize i was mistaken, AVDD cannot be 3.3V. (but IOVDD can) The full-scale output of the AIC3206 is less than the AIC32.

    best regards,
    -Steve Wilson
  • Steve,

    Thanks for your clarification,

    1) I'm not planning of changing the codec registers on fly. I'm thinking of connecting the pcb just once in the start, by connecting to a computer/laptop. So do I still need a processor.?
  • V Pot
    if you are planning on using the GUI to program the registers then you need the EVM. The EVM uses a TI TAS1020B which is a discontinued USB audio processor. This device handles the communication between the CPU and EVM as well as USB audio streaming.

    in my mind it would be quite simple to use a microcontroller, especially if you don't really need to change anything on the fly.

    best regards,
    -Steve wilson
  • Thank you will look into it.