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TLV320AIC23: Choosing 3.5 mm Jack?

Part Number: TLV320AIC23
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMS320VC5509A


I am looking for TMS320VC5509A DSK BOM (Bill Of Materials) to find the 3.5 mm jacks' part numbers and their footprints.

In my designs, I always use 5-pin 3. mm jacks like the images below:

In addition, related to the file, I have attached to this, we can see that there are many types of sound jacks with different schematics and different pin assignments. I want to know that what is the main rule that tells us which pins of one Jack could be used instead of another Jack's pins. For example, the pin number 1 in jack J1 is equivalent to pin number 5 of jack J2.

What is the rule?

Here is the PDF:



  • Hossein,

    There is no standard for this as far as I can tell, Typically the manufacturer will number the pins according to some logic, but from company to company it seems vary.

    The Schematic you posted looks like the TLV320AIC23BEVM2 is that right? This is a very old evaluation module, even if the Jacks are still being made, they may not be the best choice given the options available today.

    best regards,
    -Steve wilson
  • Steve,

    You're right. The device os TLV320AICB.

    So what do you suggest instead?

    As you said there is no standard, let me ask my question in another way.

    Every microphone male jack has three parts. I want to know which on them should connect to which of CODEC's pins. So that I can find the corresponding pins of each of 3.5 mm different footprint. 


  • Hossein,

    each manufacturer typically shows a schematic diagram of their jack in the datasheet and a footprint, or picture that matches the pin numbers with their function.

    the schematics are typically drawn in a way that makes visual sense, so in your lowest picture, the sleeve would be pin 1. thats pretty clear. pin 2 is the ring, and pin 5 is the tip. pins 2 and 4 are closed when no jack is inserted. as to which pin they should be connected to on a codec. that depends on the function of the device you are connecting to the 3.5mm connector, and the standard which was used. for old styple TRS headphones this is pretty strait forward, but add a mic for a headset, and things get more complicated.

    best regards,
    -STeve Wilson