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TLV320AIC3109EVM-K: TLV320AIC310xEVM-K Graphical User Interface (GUI) Software install error

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Part Number: TLV320AIC3109EVM-K

I installed "TLV320AIC310xEVM-K Graphical User Interface (GUI) Software" in win10 environment and an error occurred.
How can I successfully install this software?

  • In reply to Rofeo Chen:

    Hello Rofeo,

    Sorry to see you are experiencing issues with the GUI installation but there is a simple fix for this error. Please see the steps below:

    1. Right click on the .exe and click on Troubleshoot Compatibility 

    2. Once detecting issues is complete, click on Try Recommended Settings

    3. Click on Test Program

    This should allow you to then run the executable. 


    Aaron Estrada