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LMX2487E, fractional numerator and denominator

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LMX2487E can be set fractional numerator and denominator from 0 to 4194303 individually.
Then how will LMX2487E behave if fractional numerator and denominator will be set to 0 in the wrong ?
In that situation, they look like to set to 1 each automatically, not 0 at customer's evaluation.
Please give your comments if this guess is correct.
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  • Technically, a fraction with denominator 0 is undefined and therefore you should not do this.  Fractions like "0/0" are undefined.

     In the LMX2487E, I know that this will actually work with a fractional denominator of 0.   I though that it ignored the fraction in this case but it might be the case that

    it adds 1 to the N value.  For our codeloader software, a '0' denominator would originally cause this to crash, but we modified the software to handle this error case.

    In summary, you should not program the denominator to zero and there is no benefit or application where it would make sense to do so.  We do not test in this mode.

    But for the purposes of satisfying your curiosity, the part will actually function and lock with this condition -- even though we do not recommend this.

  • Hi Banerjee-san,

    Thank you for your quick and detailed answer. I understand that the LMX2487E will function and lock with denominator 0, but I do not recommend customer to use with this condition.

    Best Regards,