LMX2592: CP current setting of LMX2592

Part Number: LMX2592

Let me check the CP current setting of LMX2592
With PLLatinum Sim, the CP current was found to be optimal at 24.219mA (fig3).
When I try to set this value to TICS Pro, the Gain Multiplier turns red (fig4).
Is it possible to set the CP current to 24.219mA?

Akihiko Yokouchi/



  • Hi Yokouchi-san,

    TICS Pro is correct, we found that setting the Gain multiplier to its max. value will create some problem with the lock detect function. Our suggestion is if Charge pump gain can meet your requirement, use charge pump gain only and set Gain multiplier equals x1. We do not recommend set Gain multiplier to greater than x1.5.