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ADS1015-Q1: Recommended junction temperature

Part Number: ADS1015-Q1
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in the datasheet the recommended operating conditions for tempreature are:

  • -40°C to 125°C

but I cannot find the maximum recommended jucntion temeprature for the component.

It seems that characteristics have been measured up to 140°C so I assume that the junction temperture could be at least equals to this value.

Could you confirm what is the maximum recommended junction temperure (die temperature) for ADS1015?

And additionnaly do you have any icepak model of the DGS (S-PDSO-G10) package for this component that could be provided?


Nicolas PERRON

  • Hi Nicolas,

    The maximum junction temperature can be found in the Abs Max table in the data sheet. I have pasted an image below. The abs max junction temperature is from -40C to 150C. 

    Regarding the icepak model, we unfortunately do not have this available. 


    Aaron Estrada

  • Hi Aaron,

    Thank you for your answer. I already found these data but, the nota under the table indicates:

    "These are stress ratings only, which do not imply functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under Recommended Operating Conditions"

    This comment seems to indicates that it is the table from the §7.3 that shall be used as reference to be sure of the full operation of the component. This table gives only an ambiant temperature of 125°C and no data for the junction temeprature. From a thermal point of view if the component can operate with an 125°C  ambiante temperature then the junction should be higher but it is not available in the datasheet. Typical curves in the datasheet (page 8) are up to 140°C that is why I assumed that the junction temperature shall be between 140°C and 150°C but I am looking for validation.



  • Hi Nicolas,

    You are correct in that the junction temperature value given is an absolute maximum value and Tj should not exceed 150C or damage to the device can occur. 

    As far as a recommended value for Tj, I think we can use the equation TJ = TA + ( R θJA × PD ) to estimate the junction temperature with the ambient temperature of 125C and power dissipation found in the data sheet. 

    For the power dissipation, we can look at the figure 2 and assume VDD = 5V and an operating current of roughly 225uA. This gives us a power dissipation of ~ 1.125mA. R θJA is found in the data sheet and for this example, we can use the RUG package value of 245.2. This gives us a junction temperature of 125.28C. But again, the device can handle a max Tof 150C. Any more can damage the device. I hope this helps. 


    Aaron Estrada