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DAC8771: DAC8871 Data-sheet Question **Figure 90, 91**

Part Number: DAC8771

I have 2 question on figure 90, 91 of DAC8771 data-sheet.

1. What is the measure electric characteristic, such as RL, CL, when  getting figure 90, 91 results?

I've seen the electric characteristic on Page12. Is that same?

2. Do you have the any number  when if PVDD=15V on figure 90, 91?


  • Sato-san,

    Capacitive load is not relevant for Figures 90 and 91 as these are measured during steady-state once the outputs have already settled.

    As far as resistive load conditions go, for Figure 90 the load is expressed via the VOUT load current on the y-axis. For Figure 91 I will have to double-check with the Validation Engineer who worked on this product, but I would believe the conditions are the same as what is expressed on Page 12. I will get back to you on that one.

    Figures 90 and 91 show multiple supply curves for PVDD at 12V, 24V, and 36V. The 15V curve will look very similar to that of the 12V curve. But, once again I will see what data is available when the Engineer who worked on these plots returns from holiday.


  • Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for your support.

    About question 1, I got the definition, and i have an additional question.

    Could you show me the schematic/ circuit of load when you resume these figures? 

    We'd like to know the measurement condition.

    About question 2, I'm looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Sato-san,

    1. The measurements and test data are collected on a proprietary test platform that is used for characterizing the parts under varied conditions. The output load used is a current source with the appropriate settings to vary the VOUT load current from 0mA to 10mA. The test is performed with external VREF and DVDD for the DAC. 

    2. The power dissipation for 15V supply is similar to 12V supply. Please see the image below.  The blue line is for 15V and the red line if for 12V. Thanks.



  • Hi Reza,

    Thank you for your support.

    I'll e-mail to you and Kevin, when I get further question from customer.