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ADC121S101: SPI Interface

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Part Number: ADC121S101


My customer have used ADC121S101. And he would like to change 10-bit resolution and smaller package than ADC121S101. Then he is interesting in ADS7041. 

The question is 
- Does ADS7041 have compatible with ADC121S101? (Because he doesn't want to change interface design to ADC.)

I understand ADC121S101 has 3 leading zero bits in front of data but it may be cover by software in host MCU and timing chart may be same between ADC121S101 and ADS7041. I believe SPI interface may have compatible. Is it correct?


  • Hello,

    There are a couple changes that need to be done, but in the most they can be changed over easily.

    The ADC121 requires 16 SCLKs and has 3 leading zeros

    The ADS7041 requires 12 SCLKs and has two leading zeros. 

    If the customer can account for these differences, then it should be fine