DLP-ALC-LIGHTCRAFTER-SDK: Projecting only 1 pixel using lightcrafter4500 pattern sequence mode

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is it possible to project 1 pixel and output trigger from lightcrafter4500 to camera?

I want to project only 1 pixel and repeat it for all pixels.

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  • Hello Itoh-san,

    Welcome to DLP forum and thank you for your interest in DLP technology.

    Could you please help me explain what you mean by the following following line:

    "I want to project only 1 pixel and repeat it for all pixels."

    May be simple high level drawing may be helpful.



  • In reply to Vivek Thakur:

    Hi Vivek,
    I want to project a pattern equivalent to 1 line or 1 pixel of DMD for scanning objects from top to bottom.
    In other words, I want to project a 912 line pattern.
    However, in the pattern sequence mode, if I try to send over 144 patterns, GUI is stopped.

  • In reply to Yuta Itoh:

    Hi Yuta, 

    Kindly elaborate your problem for us. Are you facing problems with maximum number of patterns in the pattern sequence while configuring the DLPC350 using GUI?

    Thanks & Regards,


  • In reply to Hirak Biswas:

    Hi Yuta,

    Do you still need the answer to this question? I'll be closing this thread due to inactivity, you can reopen anytime. 

    Thanks & Regards,