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MSP432E411Y-BGAEVM: UART Bootloader Issues

Part Number: MSP432E411Y-BGAEVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UNIFLASH, MSP432E411Y

I'm trying to program my BGAEVM via the UART bootloader using the BSL-Rocket.  I'm using (or have access to) the following tools:


TI Emulators


An XDS110 running 


Uniflash 7.0.0

At first I was hoping to follow this tutorial via SImpleLink Academy.  However, the software linked in step 1.4 (MSP430 USB Firmware Upgrade Example) does not seem to be available anymore.  So I'm not sure how to proceed with the tutorial past that part.

Trying a different tact, I've loaded the board with the boot_serial_uart_flash example from the SDK.  Compiled via the CCS, it doesn't see to have any issues (other than it's technically set for the 401Y chip, and the board has the 411Y chip).  Then, using the BSL-SCripter and the BSL-Rocket, I'm trying to invoke the bootloader to reload the same code onto the board.  I've enabled the UART switch, which I think sets the proper resistors, and the code was compiled with the TI-Hex option to generate the proper hex file for loading.

My script for the BSL-Scripter contains the following:

MODE E4xx UART 115200 COM10
RX_DATA_BLOCK_32 boot_serial_uart_flash_MSP_EXP432E401Y_nortos_ccs.txt

However, when I try and run this to connect to the chip and reprogram it, I get the following output:

BSL Scripter

PC software for BSL programming
2021-Nov-22 14:29:27
Input file script is : c:/ti/BSL-Scripter/script_emac_uart.txt
MODE E4xx UART 115200 COM10
[ERROR_MESSAGE]No response bytes received from BSL!

As per this post and this post, I've tried erasing the main flash, but that hasn't made any difference in the outcome.  Neither has trying to load the file via Uniflash.

The BSL-Rocket has LEDs that are lighting up and changing state, so I'm pretty sure that it's working as expected.  I can also program the outofbox_msp432e411y example from the SDK, and it works as expected, so the board has at least basic functionality.

At this point in time I'm out of ideas.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.