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[FAQ] C2000WARE: Stuck trying to port over to new C2000ware version

Part Number: C2000WARE

What are some common issues that arise when porting over old C2000WARE versions to the newest C2000WARE versions? How can I resolve them?

  • When updating an existing project that was using an older version of C2000WARE there may be some errors when trying to port over to the new version. Here are some helpful debug tips to go through if running into build issues.

    1.  error() function that was updated in the newest version of C2000WARE (device.c/.h files)
      1. Since C2000WARE3.4, we have updated that error() function to pass in a const char instead of a char.
        1. device.c 
        2. device.h 
    2. Removing the old pre compiled driverlib.lib and replacing with newest version
      1. Right click on the project
      2. Add Files..
      3. Locate the correct driverlib.lib here: C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_x_xx_xx_xx\driverlib\f28004x\driverlib\ccs\Debug
        1. If there is coff support needed: driverlib_coff.lib 
        2. Eabi support: driverlib_eabi.lib
        3. Most commonly used: driverlib.lib
      4. You can copy the files or link them. I selected copy the files.
    3. Import the latest linker command file from our SDK