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IQmath with CCSv4

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SPRC087, CONTROLSUITE

The available download for IQmath, reference sprc087, was apparently written while CCSv3.3 was in use.  Does the sequence to use the IQmath tables from bootrom apply under CCSv4?  Thanks!

  • Yes.  Everything for CCSv4 is now included in a single installer that we call controlSUITE

    You'll then be able to find it in the Desktop navigator or directly here



  • Thanks for the pointer - I was at least able to install controlSUITE.

    I can see where I now have v15c of IQmath; however, I do not find any examples installed.  In my case, I lookinside the 2808 folder and I find several folders, for exmple '.project' which appear to contain nothing.

    I would have to say that I am still puzzled.

  • You found the corrct project-file in "C:\TI\controlSUITE\libs\math\IQmath\v15c\examples_ccsv4\C\2808x". Just open this project in CCS4 and you will see that this project contains links to source files in "C:\TI\controlSUITE\libs\math\IQmath\v15c\examples_ccsv4\C\source" - which give you some examples for the 2808.


  • Thank you for the follow-up; however, there are no fiiles below '.project' (please note the dot). This file appears as if it were in place of a folder - perhaps it is a placeholder).  In my particular instance, I am forced to use this computer disconnected from the internet - does that cause a problem with controlSUITE?  I am not really interested in the source code for the example; rather I am interested to see how the project and the target files are setup to utilize IQmath on the F2808 when utilizing DSP/BIOS.  I need to utilize some of the IQ functions, for example _IQdiv, and I suspect that this is where my difficulties are.  Thank you again for the follow-up; hopefully this serves to clarify my difficulty!

  • Hi Peter,

            I think I understand where you are getting confused. The .project file is the project file for CCS v4. Are you looking to use CCS V3.3 or CCS V4?

    If you are using CCS V3.3 there are several examples under C:\TI\controlSUITE\libs\math\IQmath\v15c\examples\C\projects You will need to import the .pjt file for the F2808 into CCSV3.3 from within CCS V3.3

    If you are using CCS V4 then you can just have CCSv4 scan the C:\TI\controlSUITE\libs\math\IQmath\v15c\examples_ccsv4\C\2808x directory for the F2808 examples and it will automatically import all of the projects for IQMath.

    There is no need to open the .projects or the .pjt files directly, these should be opened within CCS direclty