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CCS/F28M35M52C: XDS200 cannot connect to the target processor board

Part Number: F28M35M52C

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


  I have a customized processor board and a XDS200 emulator.  My software is demonstrated operational by flash programmed to the TI evaluation card by using the built-in emulator.  Now I tried to flash program the my customized processor board by a XDS200.   When I ran Launch Selected Configuration under View-> Target Configuration, I got Disconnected message as, 

Texas Instruments XDS2xx USB Debug Probe_0/Cortex_M3_0 (Disconnected: Unknown)

Texas Instruments XDS2xx USB Debug Probe_0/C28xx_0 (Disconnected: Unknown)

At Console, error message as,

Cortex_M3_0: Error connecting to the target: (Error -1266 @ 0x0) Device is held in reset. Take the device out of reset, and retry the operation. (Emulation package

C28xx_0: Error connecting to the target: (Error -1155 @ 0x0) Device may be operating in low-power mode. The debugger has forced the device to wake up. Choose 'OK' to attempt to complete the debug connection. (Emulation package

 In hardware, the pin 2 of JTAG connects a pull down resistor to GND.  Any comment and suggestion?



  • Yong,

    JTAG.Pin2 is TRSTn. This pin is different from XRSn pin.

    TRSTn is JTAG reset pin

    XRSn pin is device reset pin.

    Since, CCS is reporting device is held in reset. "Cortex_M3_0: Error connecting to the target: (Error -1266 @ 0x0) Device is held in reset.", I would suggest you to probe XRSn pin. If this pin is indeed held low you cannot connect to the device.You may to understand why XRSn pin is held low.



  • Yong,

    Please review this app note below. This app note provides some useful  JTAG debug tips to resolve JTAG connection problem.

    C2000 MCU JTAG Connectivity Debug ()