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CCS/TMS320F28068M: Start and stop sequence for short period with InstaSPIN motion

Part Number: TMS320F28068M
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DRV8305

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


My customer is developing their motor driver with DRV8305, F28068M, and InstaSPIN motion.
They found an issue in their start and stop sequence on the system.

I want to discuss about it offline communication, because some information to explain the issue can include their own proprietary information.

PLS let me know right person who I should contact with.

Best Regards, Taki

  • Unfortunately,  InstaSPIN-motion is just supported on this forum since the InstaSPIN user's guide has included all the information we can provide.

  • Any update? You might ask your customers to post their questions on this forum without their proprietary information since they are using the TI's public release software and have problems with this software.

  • Hi,

    My customer want to drive 24V motor to run for 20ms and to stop the motor at target angle with being controlling enable bit in register, but the motor doesn't stop at 20ms.
    After that, it seems that the motor runs for 16 electrical cycle, 40ms,  over the target angle to stop and the rotor returns the target angle with running in reverse direction for 60ms.  

    If they stop the motor at another target angle after running for 50ms, the motor can stop at the point soon.  This is just experiment to 

    How does the customer solve it?  The customer's expectation is that you suggest any register settings to solve it.
    I will share the waveform, which is taken by the customer, with you offline, because the customer doesn't want to share the waveform on E2E.  

    Your cooperation will be appreciated.
    Best Regards, Taki

  • Maybe, you have to ask the customer to provide more detailed information about this question as below.

    Which example lab does customer reference? What changes did they do on the example lab?

    Sensored or Sensorless instaSPIN-motion

    Do they use lab02b and lab05c/lab12a to identify the motor parameters and inertia first?

    How to configure SpinTAC position/velocity plan in their project? It’s better to provide the use.h and spintac_position.h/spintac_velocity.h.

  • The shortest start/stop time depends on the control algorithm (sensored or sensorless), the inertia and friction of the system, the adding load of the motor, the required performance of the system. There is no fixed value, the start/stop time you mentioned above that's a normal value if the motor is running with the sensorless algorithm.