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CCS/LAUNCHXL-F28027: ILI9486 LCD Driver Interface with F28027

Part Number: LAUNCHXL-F28027

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


Iam trying to interface ILI9486 LCD driver with F28027.

In the datasheet, it is given that upon setting IM[0:2] bits as 011, we can actually configure it as 8bit 8080i MCU interface.

But, i dont really understand how to set the interface.The datasheet actually says as external pins IM[2:0], but i dont find it on the LCD.Please Help.

Is there a way to actually configure it as SPI?

Please Help.

Thanks and Regards.

  • Hi Natsu,

    Your question is related to a non-TI product, specifically the ILI9486 LCD driver from ILITEK.  Therefore this is not the correct recourse for obtaining support. I would suggest reaching out to the LCD module manufacturer. 

    From the point of view of the F28027, the device can support the 3-wire and 4-wire SPI modes documented in the ILI9486 datasheet.  The 8080 MCU interface you mentioned is a parallel interface which is not natively supported on the F28027.  You could use multiple GPIOs and a bit-banging approach to implement such an interface, but that would require significant effort on your part.  SPI would be your best option in my opinion.