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CCS/TMDSCNCD280025C: onboard debugger does not connet to the TMS320F280025C

Part Number: TMDSCNCD280025C
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMS320F280025C

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

We got a fresh

TMS320F280025C controlCARD evaluation module and a

HSEC180 controlCARD Baseboard Docking Station

We put the board in the card and connect the board USB to power the system.

We connect controlCARD USB to use the onboard XDS100v2.

S1A is on -  for the debugger. The LEDs D2A and D3 are on.

The blue LEDs D3A and D4A light a little bit.

The Win10 PC found the onboard XDS100v2 interface.

But the communication between the XDS100v2 and the CPU seems not working. The communication check fails.

Is there anything additional to set, that the CPU start working?

I'm concerned that there is a power problem, because Win10 had reported, that too much current was required.
I read it in the ocumentation. But I'm the meaning, that it is only a problem with additional peripherials. Without them I was the meaning
that the power consumtion is below 500mA.

  • Andreas,

    I have never seen that warning before! If you could get me a screen capture of it i would appreciate it! It does sound like a power issue, but I would be surprised if it didn't work out of the box as these are all tested before we ship them out.

    This device really shouldn't nearly draw 500mA, so even a USB2.0 port will be fine.

    Do you get the warning when you connect the emulator's USB cable or the docking station's USB cable? Either way it should be tested and I apologize for any inconvenience.

    Where did you purchase this? From TI or a distributor? 


  • Hi,

    I cannot reproduce the message, but I can see:

    I connect only the USB of the Baseboard to the PC USB port. The Power LED of the CPU board (D3) do blinking quickly. The Base board chip U1 is hot, I think.

    D3 is stable on a USB charger device.

    U1 is hot without a connected CPU board, too.  In this state (without CPU board, USB connected to charger ) I measure only 2.54V between GND and 5V.

    (with PC USB connected: 3.4V on 5V Pins, with a 5V/1A power supply its only 0.3V)

    I'm unsure, if I can it measure in this way, because with connected CPU board the LED seems to light correctly.
    I don't understand it, because a short cut should be have problems in general.

    We ordered it in the TI srore (T00895893, emotas).

    Thank you

  • Andreas,

    OK, lets not connect the Baseboard or the controlCARD to your PC or USB charger anymore, it is not worth risking damage to those devices.

    Please start a return request through the TI store.

    When submitting your request be sure to include your order number and a link to this thread. 

    I approve for all contents of the order T00895893 to be replaced.


  • It was declined. Can you please check it: CPR201043778

    The formular is very tricky for evaluation board replacing.

    Thank you very much.

  • Andreas,

    I am looking into this. Did you submit the return under your name or someone else's name?


  • I created the CPR in my name, but the order was without login. That seems that problem.

    Also because a change of settings seems not so easy to do, we called your german colleguages today. The woman want to create a new case. The colleage, that want to get the working hardware is Steffen Rose, Same as the order, he is not part of your system. So I did the support request.

    It seems, that this is the problem, that your german colleguage cannot create something. But I don't understand, why she don't contact me, if there are problems.

  • seems I have a case now.

    Case CS0266014

  • Good to hear, they have contacted me and I have approved it.

    Thanks for your patients.