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TMS320F28022: TMS320F28022 Boost problem while cascade Boost and PSFB

Part Number: TMS320F28022


This is a two-level structure of the 2KW DC project: pre-Boost + post-PSFB. Separately debug single-stage load to the full power of 2KW work, all normal. During joint debugging, when the output is brought to 14V / 100A, the front-stage boost driver is turned off.

Experiment 1:

PWM interrupt 100k pin flip signal CH3 does not flip (set the input interrupt high, and the output interrupt low), the experimental waveforms are shown in the attachment (wf_353, wf_352).



1.1) Test conditions: Vin=330VDC, Vo=13.9V, CC=30A, cut load to CC=100A;

1.2) Oscilloscope channel description:

CH1: Boost inductor current;

CH2: Bulk voltage (Boost output voltage);

CH3: Bulk_POK (100kHz flip signal, used to determine whether the DSP is down);

CH4: Resonant inductor L6 current waveform;


Supplement: After the Bulk_POK pin is toggled in the main program, when the DSP is turned off, the signal still does not flip.


Experiment 2:

After the PWM is turned off abnormally, test VDD=1.8V, VDDIO=3.3V, and XRS (PIN3) high level. --normal.

Experiment 3:

After abnormally turning off the PWM, measure the crystal oscillator.

CH1: Boost inductor current; CH2: Bulk voltage; CH3: C817 (20MHz crystal oscillator); CH4: Resonant inductor L6 current waveform;

Vin=330VDC, Vo=13.9V, CC=30A cut load to CC=100A;

No load   wf_380

CC=30A   wf_381

CC=100A   wf_382


Thank you!

  • Pei,

    I'm working to identify the right member of the C2000 team to help out here, please allow me another day and will hopefully have some solid answers for you by tomm.



  • Hi Pei,

    Could you help to identify how does "PWM interrupt" be triggered? (what is the interrupt source)

    If it was triggered by ADC EOC, could you try to configure that ADC to contineous mode?

    BTW, if possible, customer can stop high voltage and keep low voltage supply to connect a debugger to dump registers. In this case, you can disable a GEL file to prevent device reset. Let me know if you need to do this kind of test.