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[FAQ] FAQ: Support for using MathWorks Solutions with C2000 MCU's

MathWorks Embedded Coder with the MathWorks TI C2000 Hardware Support Package allows automatic build and execution on C2000 hardware from models developed using MATLAB and Simulink.

Answers to some common advanced questions are available at MATLAB Answers on

  1. How do I use Simulink “Custom Code” blocks to measure code execution time on TI C2000?
  2. How do I define a Custom Memory section for a TI C2000 using MathWorks Embedded Coder's Custom Storage Class designer?
  3. How do I use MathWorks Embedded Coder to load data/code to flash and run from RAM on a TI C2000?
  4. What are the supported data types when designing a Simulink application for TI C2000?
  5. How can I use a two model approach in MathWorks Embedded Coder for signal logging and parameter tuning on a TI C2000?
  6. Overview: Executing TI C2000 Simulink Models in External Mode
  7. Quick Troubleshooting Guide: Executing TI C2000 Simulink Models in External Mode
  8. What are some optimization techniques to improve code execution speed when developing a Simulink Application for TI C2000?
  9. What are some Modeling techniques when developing a Simulink Application for TI C2000? 
  10. What are the use case scenarios for SPI (Master Transfer/Transmit/Receive) blocks when developing a Simulink Application for TI C2000?
  11. How to replace the Simulink data types with user-defined data types in the generated code?
  12. How to configure a given mailbox for multiple CAN message IDs on a TI C2000 device?
  13. How do I interface BiSS-C Absolute Encoder using the TI Position Manager board from Simulink for F28379D Launchpad?
  14. How do I use CAN Multiple ID Transmit Receive Support for F28379D Launchpad and F280049C Launchpad?
  15. How do I emulate FLASH EEPROM from Simulink for F28379D Launchpad?

Extensive documentation about MathWorks' C2000 hardware support, including setup and a getting started video, is available on MathWorks' website (access may depend on your MathWorks login).

Additional C2000 specific questions can be posted on TI E2E. Questions specific to MathWorks products (such as MATLAB, Simulink, and Embedded Coder) can also be posted to MATLAB Answers forum or, if your license includes live support, asked directly to MathWorks' tech support