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Blinking on Board LED with Timer on MSP430F5529

I am using an MSP430F5529LP (Launch Pad) Board. I have been trying to blink the internal LED, LED1 using the code shown below:

#include <msp430.h>
#include <msp430f5529.h>

 * main.c

unsigned int timerCount = 0;

void main(void)
	WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD;    // disable watchdog

	P1DIR |= BIT0; // Set P1.0 and P1.6 to output direction
	P1OUT &= ~BIT0; // Set the LEDs off;    // P1.6 out to relay (LED)

		//BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_1MHZ;    // Set DCO to calibrated 1 MHz.

	TA0CCR0 = (32768 -1);
	TA0CCTL0 = (CCIE + OUTMOD_6);        // Enable interrupts for CCR0.
	TA0CTL = (TASSEL_0 + MC_1 + ID_3 + TACLR);  // SMCLK, div 8, up mode,
		                                         // clear timer


	{    // Do nothing while waiting for interrupts.  This would be an
	}    // an ideal place to use low power modes!


	/*  Interrupt Service Routines  */
#pragma vector = TA0IV_TAIFG
__interrupt void Timer0_A5_ISR(void)
	timerCount = (timerCount + 1) % 3;

	if (timerCount == 0)
		P1OUT ^=BIT0;
} // CCR0_ISR

This code compiles, but produces no output. I do not see the LED Blink. I think I haven't written the interrupt correctly, but I'm not sure. I have looked at other questions and tutorials, but haven't quite found what I needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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