DRV2625: DRV2625 replace DRV2605

Part Number: DRV2625
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Hi Team,

The customer is going to replace DRV2625 with DRV2605. They compared the register sets between DRV2625 and DRV2605, the below register and feature are used in DRV2625, but no matching register found in DRV2605. Could you please kindly advise if there is any matching register/feature in DRV2605 that is able to replace the above registers? Thank you.

  1. Registers “DIAG_Z_RESULT[7:0]” and “CURRENT_K[7:0]”, to support haptic impedance checking.
  2. Register “WAV_SEQ_MAIN_LOOP[2:0]”
  3. Register “DIG_MEM_GAIN[1:0]”, for scaling down (attenuating) the vibration effects to 75%.
  4. Register “RATED_VOLTAGE_CLAMP[7:0]”
  5. Register “OL_LRA_PERIOD[9:0]”, is “LRA_PERIOD[7:0]” in DRV2605 (looks like a reading register based on the description) can drive the LRA at 235Hz?

Green: DRV2625 registers used in the firmware and found matching registers in DRV2605.
Red: DRV2625 registers used in the firmware, but no matching registers in DRV2605.

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