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DRV8350H-EVM: I cannot drive the engine properly with the DRV8350H.

Part Number: DRV8350H-EVM


I have two different motor driver. One is DRV8320S and the other is DRV8350H.
While I could control the engine very well with the DRV8320S, I couldn't do it with the DRV8350H. I also make the necessary resistance settings from the datasheet, but it did not work.

The settings I use in the DRV8320S are as follows.

spiSendData(DRIVER_CONTROL_ADDR, 0x3D0);

spiSendData(GATE_DRIVE_HS, 0x311);

spiSendData(GATE_DRIVE_LS, 0x711);

spiSendData(OCP_CONTROL, 0x059);

Could you tell me the closest resistor values corresponding to these settings? We have no idea what we did wrong.

Same card just changing Drivers.



  • Hi Ali,
    Here's a direct comparison of DRV8320H to DRV8320S in your application with resistors needed. 

    Driver Control settings in DRV8320H:
    1x PWM Mode: MODE pin = Hi-Z
    Charge pump undervoltage and gate driver faults will always be enabled in DRV8320H. 

    Gate Drive settings in DRV8320H:
    30mA source/60mA sink: IDRIVE pin = 18kohm tied to AGND (30mA source/60mA sink)
    CBC automatically enabled in DRV8320H. 
    TDRIVE configurated for 4000ns in DRV8320H. 

    Overcurrent settings in DRV8320H:
    Automatic retry configured for 4ms in DRV8320H. 
    Dead time configured for 100ns in DRV8320H. 
    Automatic retry mode configured for DRV8320H. 
    OCP deglitch configured for 4us. 
    VDS_LVL 0.75V: VDS pin = Hi-Z (for 0.6V) or 75k tied to DVDD (for 1.3V)


  • Hi Aaron,

    I'll try these and let you know the result.

    I forgot to add one. I can drive the engine with the DRV8350H, but the engine turns itself off when under load.

    I will return as soon as possible.



  • Hi Ali,

    Sure thing. If when loaded (increase in current) results in issue, please monitor the gate drive waveforms (GHx-GND, GLx-GND, SHx-GND) to see if MOSFETs are switching appropriately. Ensure that no dV/dt coupling occurs in the low side gate drive waveforms with higher currents and try lowering IDRIVE settings, adding RC snubbers, or mitigating any transients in the supply or low side source depending if any issues appear in the waveforms.