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BQ27520-G4: Learning cycle and parameters

Part Number: BQ27520-G4
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I'm trying to piece together something from all the various documents and videos by TI online - it's a bit scattered and hard to find anything current. If somebody could help me verify my process that would be terrific.

I have my EV2400 plugged in to my custom PCB based on a BQ27520-G4. Everything seems to be working fine. I was able to find my battery chemistry and program it accordingly, it is a SAMSUNG INR18650-35E.

I was attempting to follow this video:

and the QSG:

The "Parameter Q&A" function does not work - it refuses to upload any values and claims that "Parameter value does not match type and data format" without specifying which parameter. So I resorted to manually editing the Data Memory. I'm finding it a bit difficult to define the values as the numbers all seem to be a bit arbitrary. For an example, max taper current is mentioned that it needs to be between c/100 and c/10. In my case that is 35<Itc<350. I chose, somewhat arbitrarily 300 mA. Can anybody confirm this value? Should I choose a lower/higher value? Why, why not?

Based on that value I chose my Discharge current threshold as 200 mA, charging current threshold as 180 mA and quit current as 135 mA. The average system stand-by current is 60 mA, active is 400mA and the max active current draw is around 600 mA with possibly brief spikes up to 1A. 

Following the documentation and the video, I enabled IT and reset the current values and I am now draining the battery and logging the results.

In the YouTube video by TI the presenter mentions a [REST] bit at 2:00 - I see no such bit for my gauge. Ten seconds later he mentions a [VCT] bit, that does not exist for my gauge either. I presume that I just go for letting the battery rest for 5h and then start charging it? Do I need to log the data for those 5h while the battery is resting or is it only important during the discharge process?