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LM3414: problem in led dimming with moonlight effect

Part Number: LM3414
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Hello sir,

              please help me to slove the issue related to dimming effect, i am using TI's LM3414 IC for led dimming and we use controller msp430fr5729 to write a code. In code we use timer PWM to give dimming effect and  i m getting proper dimming effect also, but i want this dimming with moonlight effect, for that i tried PWM of msp430fr5729 but i get moonlight dimming with flicker. so give me the solution to have moonlight effect wihtout flickering of led light.



  • hello sir,
    please help me to have code regarding led dimming with moonlight effect using PWM of msp430fr5729, without flickering in led light.

  • Hello Kinjal,

    I have a few questions:

    What dimming frequency are you using? You are using the PWM to the DIM pin?
    How low is the dim level for moonlight effect?
    Is the PWM fixed frequency and fixed duty cycle?

  • Hello Sir,
    my frequency is fix, i am using 8 mhz clock and according to which i define my PWM, but my dutycycle varies.
    also my di level is from 0 to Full intensity.

    actually sir i have to give dimming effect in led like a moonlight effect , for example if i will write 50 in my variable then this 50 will become my duty cycle and i have to give moonlight effect in my led light from 0 to 50, or if last status was 100 then decrease the intensity o light from 100 to 50. so the value which i get in my variable according to that i have to set my duty cycle and give variation in intensity of light.

  • Hello Kinjal,

    I was wondering what your PWM frequency to the IC is?  Not concerned about the clock frequency, the IC shouldn't see that.

    Are you send the PWM to the DIM pin?

    There should be no issues going from 100% to 50%, what is the lowest level you plan to dim to?  What is the dim level for moonlight effect?  What is the minimum duty cycle for PWM dim?

    Have you ensured the PWM dim is consistent?