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WEBENCH® Tools/UCC21732QDWEVM-025: UCC21732QDWEVM-025

Part Number: UCC21732QDWEVM-025
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCC21732, UCC21750

Tool/software: WEBENCH® Design Tools

Dear Sir,

I had 3 major question which is mention below.

1) I have a UCC21732QDWEVM-025 evaluation board.
2) I want to check DESAT Function in IC UCC21732? Is it possible?
              i) If possible then how I check on the UCC21732QDWEVM-25 board?
              ii) Suggest Need change According to the DESAT function in UCC21732QDEVM-025.
3) If not possible then should I procure UCC21750QDWRQ1 for evaluation board? 

  • Hello Pojan,

    My colleague supporting this IC will get back with you soon.



  • Hi Pojan,

    The UCC21732 does not come with DESAT detection functionality. Instead of DESAT detection the UCC21732 has over current detection by measuring the current through a shunt resistor. For more information on OC detection please refer to Pg 33 in the IGBT & SiC Gate Driver Fundamental document.

    If DESAT is the functionality you want then you will need to use the UCC21750 device. Both the UCC21732 and UCC21750 have the same EVM so if you already have the EVM with the UCC21732 you will simply need to swap out the device for the UCC21750 and do the board adjustments necessary for the UCC21750. Please refer to the UCC217xx EVM User Guide for more info.

    Best regards,

    Andy Robles

  • Dear Sir,

    UCC21732QDWEVM-025 board UCC21732 mounting. So should I replace UCC21750 IC instead UCC21732 for the DESAT test? And according to UCC21750 make a change. ? 
    should I remove DNP PART According to the photo?

  • Hi Poojan,

    If you want to use DESAT then yes, replace the UCC21732 for the UCC21750.

    To set up the board to be able to use DESAT or OC you the key components are R27 and R9

    • R9: Populating R9 will enable the DESAT circuit of the board fro UCC21750
    • R27: populating R27 will enable the OC circuit of the board for UCC21732
      • By depopulating R27 you will be disconnecting the circuit to the device so there is no need to depopulate everything

    You are also correct in DNP R22 and populating R21

    • R21 will enable the internal miller clamp of the UCC21750

    Let me know if there's any more questions.

    Best regards,

    Andy Robles