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BQ40Z50-R2: Chemistry File

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Part Number: BQ40Z50-R2


I have used the following chemistry file in the past for bq20z95 with bqEVSW;

0401 K2Energy: LFP26650P, K2Energy: LFP18650P (1250mAh)

However, 0401 doesn't appear to be available for use with bq40z50-R2 with bqStudio (26-Jul-2017), even if I update using sluc564fb.zip (10 May 2019).

Is it possible to somehow make this file available?

I suppose I could use;

0442 K2Energy: LFP26650EV (2700mAh), but this is an "Energy", rather than "Power" cell and may not be as suitable.

Thank you,


  • hi Jeremy
    I would recommend you update your bqstudio to the latest which is 1.3.86 and then use the chem updater tool to update the chem id data base.
    Then perform a chem id identification using gpcchem to identify a close match for your cell. This should get you up and running

  • In reply to Onyx Ahiakwo:

    Hi Onyx,

    I tried this and the chemistry file for K218650P is still not available.

    Furthermore, the 0442 that is available in has also been removed.

    If possible, I'd rather not use a 'close match' in lieu of the actual file, considering the effort TI has put into developing it.

    Is is possible for you supply a chemdat file with the 18650P in it that I could copy into the C:\ti\BatteryManagementStudio\chemistry folder?

    Thank you,

  • In reply to JeremyG:


    I am not sure what you tried because as you can see below, 401 shows up. You need to chek the include chemistry iDs that do not support turbo mode 2.