TMS320C5535: Maximum USB DMA transfer speed.

Part Number: TMS320C5535


I am using TMS320C5535 DSP processor. I have configured USB DMA transfer which is working fine. I am getting transfer speed up to 5.7Mbps. I want to increase the DMA tx speed up to 8~10Mbps. Is there any way to achieve this much of speed?

  • I want to know what is the maximum DMA transfer queue I can use?
  • What is the maximum speed I can get with the USB DMA transfer?

I am using USB operating mode CSL_USB_OPMODE_DMA_TXONLY with USB 2.0 specifications as I want to copy data from device to host PC via USB DMA. The customized device has on board EMMC chip. The EMMC interfaced with TMS320C5535 DSP can give maximum 30Mbps speed for sequential read.

Please help me to achieve the high speed.

Thank you in advance,