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AMIC110: Clock configuration questions

Part Number: AMIC110


My customer is evaluating AMIC110 with TI RTOS SDK v06.03.00.106.
They have below two questions.

Q1) Their system is working 24MHz SYSCLK.
They wants to configure DDR2 with 266MHz.
Where they should change the configuration in SDK code?

Q2) UART baud rate
Customer understood UART clock (48MHz) is 1/4 of 192MHz output from PER DPLL (ADPLLJ).
Where can customer configure PER DPLL output frequency and UART clock and baud rate(DLL and DLH) in SDK code?

Thanks and regards,
Koichiro Tashiro 

  • Hello Tashiro-san,

    There are two ways to configure DDR2 clock:

    • via CCS GEL file when using CCS during development stage. Please look at <CCS installation folder>\ccs\ccs_base\emulation\boards\ice_amic110\gel\iceAMIC110.gel, function DDR_PLL_Config(): 


    • via SBL when going to production. Please look at source code pdk_am335x_1_0_17\packages\ti\starterware\bootloader\src\sbl_main.c, function 
      • function SBLPlatformConfig() -> SBLPlatformPllInit() -> SblPlatformPllDdrInit() 

    Similarly for PER DPLL, look at PER_PLL_Config() from the same GEL file, and look at SblPlatformPllPerInit() from the same source code.

    UART clock is not configurable. Please refer to this thread.

    UART baud rate can be configured through UART LLD API. Please look at pdk_am335x_1_0_17\packages\ti\drv\uart\UART.h, function UART_open().