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TMS320C6657: UART0, UART1 initialization

Part Number: TMS320C6657

Hi TI,

I'd like to enable both UART 0 and UART 1 on CORE 0 of TMS320C6657 however I don't how to initialize them.

I was able to initialize UART 0 using platform APIs that TI provides. (e.g 'Platform_uart_init' and 'platform_uart_set_baudrate' etc..)

however I couldn't find any platform API for initializing UART 1 and transferring and receiving data via UART1 .

it seems that Platform APIs are hiden in a library.

I'd like to find example codes about setting registers for UART 0 and UART 1 initialization and data transmission and reception via both UARTs.



  • Hi Ysshim,

    I will look into it and provide the code reference.


    Rajarajan U

  • Hi Ysshim,

    however I couldn't find any platform API for initializing UART 1 and transferring and receiving data via UART1 .

    Platform APIs are following process Platform API -> FPGA -> Processor (C6657). They will help us debug the hardware-related issue and check the interfaces in EVM.

    In TI-RTOS SDK, UART Driver APIs and Example projects are available. 

    Example projects can be generated by following this FAQ

    UART Driver API can be found in 

    {TI_RTOS_SDK_FOLDER}/pdk_c667x_2_0_16/packages/ti/drv/uart/docs/doxygen/html/group___d_r_v___u_a_r_t___a_p_i___m_o_d_u_l_e.html (Open this file in browser)

    Also, If you want to generate Only the UART examples,

    1. Goto "{TI_RTOS_SDK_FOLDER}/pdk_c667x_2_0_16/packages/" folder,
    2. Type "cmd" in the windows search bar and command prompt will open,
    3. Give "pdksetupenv,bat" in command prompt to run,
    4. Give "pdkProjectCreate.bat C6657 all little uart all dsp" and this will generate the projects inside "MyExampleProjects" folder.


    Rajarajan U

  • Dear Rajarajan 

    Thanks for your guide!

    I will try adjusting the those APIs for UART initialization.

    but I am wondering that I can see how relevant Registers are configured for UART Initialization and data transmission. ...

    back in the days when I handled C2000 Series DSP, Everything about setting the peripheral registers is opened to users so that I didn't struggle with it....

    That might be cause I have few experiences of handling C6000 series DSP and lack of experiences of finding relevant materials...

    I think the reason that I failed in initializing UART1 in a processor is because I missed enabling Peripheral clock for UART 1..

    so I'd like to try configuring the register however I haven't found the register maps for it.

    which doc do i need to refer to and what chapter?



  • ysshim,

    These are the following examples already available in the PDK of Processor SDK 6.3 . 

    These examples are tested and working examples. Located at C:\ti\pdk_c665x_2_0_16\packages\MyExampleProjects



    In these examples, please check which UART is used... either UART 0 or UART 1.

    Look at the configurations and change appropriately for UART1.

    It is always recommended to take a reference of the working example and then proceed from there.

    To generate those examples, follow the steps given at



  • Dear Shankari G

    Ok. I will look into the example apps thoroughly. my friend

    Thank for your every supports you have provided to me!