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RTOS/TMS320C5534: Reserving a SARAM area for bootloader

Part Number: TMS320C5534

Tool/software: TI-RTOS


My project uses DSP/BIOS 5.42 with a C5534 DSP.

We want to reserve a section of RAM (high addresses), to load there a UBL (User Boot Loader) so that it would not interfere with the actual

firmware copied afterwards (2-stage boot). And I would like this to be portable from desktop to desktop.

The Original .tcf file was using an


while I changed to


and I modified the import path of the tcf, so in the file, i could change the frequency (using a lower than the standard 100 MHz) and the processor (using 5534 instead).

However, in order to prevent dsp/bios+tconf to map objects in all the RAM, i add to manually edit the component file (in the catalog.c5500)  which is not good.

Is there a way to either define a new component in a custom catalog (i.e., or to specify an other path also for the catalog files ?



  • Hi,

    I've notified the sw team. They will post their feedback directly here.

    Best Regards,
  • Jacques,

    Please see this previous thread on tci file manipulation

    I hope this thread has some details that would help with your query.

  • Hi,
    as explained, importing my platform instead of the standard ezdsp one is working fine. I changed the import path for the tconf tool + i duplicated the hierarchy "ti/platforms/..." under a local dir (which is versioned together with my code).

    What does NOT work for me so far is altering the C5534 catalog component, in order to change the memory map reported to DSP/BIOS tool, so that it would not map anything in a reserved area. Whatever my tries, the standard "xdctools/packages/catalog/c5500/" is being pulled.
    So far, i modified this component, but this is not satisfactory, as I cannot deliver reliably the whole thing to the customer (i do not want to patch the customer tool chain + i do not want the whole thing being broken by an update of the toolchain).

    So, how can I convince tconf to pull a locally defined catalog item instead ?

  • Hi,
    any news about this one ?
    Again, a quick summary, I am able to load my own "" by adding my own Path in CCS.
    However, i would like to somehow use a modified version of the, because I need to change the memories definitions.
    As this is pulled by dsp/bios, this is the only sensible place I found.

  • I kinda found a workaround: I am maintaining a file in my tree which I copy over to the normal location

    before building :( .In CCS, this can be done easily in the "CCS Build / Steps tab", adding:

    cp ../packages/ti/catalog/c5500/ ${BIOS_CG_ROOT}/xdctools/packages/ti/catalog/c5500/

    ../packages/ti/catalog/c5500/ is my locally maintained file. For the platform file, add also a platform file locally

    and modying the tconf search path does the trick, so now I have a really portable and distributable solution.

    There is probably another way to do that, but I am all set with this one.