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AM5728: McASP Data not being received

Part Number: AM5728

I am working with an AM5728 IDK which has been modified to connect to an adc over McASP4. I am trying to use the MCASP_Audio_evmAM572x_c66ExampleProject as a starting point and modify it to run MCASP4 as a slave to get data from the ADC.

I have gotten to the point where the task pends waiting for a semaphore from the callback function to indicate data has arrived, but it never gets it.

With a debugger, I see that the value of PDIN (0x4846 c01c) is changing as the ADC sends out data, but the RXBUFn values (starting at 0x4846 c280) are all 0s.

I am attaching a save of the memory from 0x4846C000-0x4846C300.

I had noticed RXSTAT (0x4846 C080) was indicating RCKFAIL (0x0000 0104) so I changed the configuration of RCLKCHK from 0x00000000 to 0x00FF0000, which seems to have gotten rid of that error, but still nothing in RBUF. Nothing else is standing out to me which could be causing my issues.


  • I have made a few fixes, setting the pin-mux for ACLKR and FSR instead of ACLKX and FSX, as well as setting MCASP_RXFMT for 16bit data instad of 32 and enabling the AX1 serializer in addition to AX0, but the behavior is unchanged, still waiting for a semaphore from the callback function with nothing showing up in the RBUF.

    Here are the latest register dumps as well as a scope capture of signals going into McASP4.

    PadConf AM572x_SR2.0_SR1.1
    0x4a003400 0x0005000f
    0x4a003404 0x0005000f
    0x4a003408 0x0005000f
    0x4a00340c 0x0005000f
    0x4a003410 0x0005000f
    0x4a003414 0x0005000f
    0x4a003418 0x0005000f
    0x4a00341c 0x0005000f
    0x4a003420 0x0005000f
    0x4a003424 0x0005000f
    0x4a003428 0x0005000f
    0x4a00342c 0x0005000f
    0x4a003430 0x0005000f
    0x4a003434 0x0005000f
    0x4a003438 0x0005000f
    0x4a00343c 0x0005000f
    0x4a003440 0x00050106
    0x4a003444 0x00050106
    0x4a003448 0x00050106
    0x4a00344c 0x00050106
    0x4a003450 0x00050106
    0x4a003454 0x00050106
    0x4a003458 0x00050106
    0x4a00345c 0x00050106
    0x4a003460 0x00050106
    0x4a003464 0x00050106
    0x4a003468 0x00050106
    0x4a00346c 0x00050106
    0x4a003470 0x00050106
    0x4a003474 0x00050101
    0x4a003478 0x00050101
    0x4a00347c 0x00050101
    0x4a003480 0x00050101
    0x4a003484 0x00050101
    0x4a003488 0x00010101
    0x4a00348c 0x00070001
    0x4a003490 0x00070001
    0x4a003494 0x00070001
    0x4a003498 0x00070001
    0x4a00349c 0x00060001
    0x4a0034a0 0x00070001
    0x4a0034a4 0x00070001
    0x4a0034a8 0x00070001
    0x4a0034ac 0x00070001
    0x4a0034b0 0x00060001
    0x4a0034b4 0x0006000f
    0x4a0034b8 0x00010101
    0x4a0034bc 0x0006000f
    0x4a0034c0 0x0006000f
    0x4a0034c4 0x0006000f
    0x4a0034c8 0x0006000f
    0x4a0034cc 0x0006000f
    0x4a0034d0 0x0006000f
    0x4a0034d4 0x0006000f
    0x4a0034d8 0x000e000f
    0x4a0034dc 0x0004000f
    0x4a0034e0 0x000c000f
    0x4a0034e4 0x0004000f
    0x4a0034e8 0x0004000f
    0x4a0034ec 0x0004000f
    0x4a0034f0 0x0004000f
    0x4a0034f4 0x0004000f
    0x4a0034f8 0x0004000f
    0x4a0034fc 0x0004000f
    0x4a003500 0x0004000f
    0x4a003504 0x0004000f
    0x4a003508 0x0001000e
    0x4a00350c 0x0001000e
    0x4a003510 0x0001000e
    0x4a003514 0x0001000e
    0x4a003518 0x0004000f
    0x4a00351c 0x0004000e
    0x4a003520 0x0004000f
    0x4a003524 0x0005000e
    0x4a003528 0x0001000e
    0x4a00352c 0x0001000e
    0x4a003530 0x0001000e
    0x4a003534 0x0004000f
    0x4a003538 0x0001000e
    0x4a00353c 0x0000000e
    0x4a003540 0x0002000e
    0x4a003544 0x0004000f
    0x4a003548 0x0004000f
    0x4a00354c 0x0005000e
    0x4a003550 0x0004000f
    0x4a003554 0x0006000e
    0x4a003558 0x0006000e
    0x4a00355c 0x0006000e
    0x4a003560 0x0006000e
    0x4a003564 0x0005000e
    0x4a003568 0x0005000b
    0x4a00356c 0x0001000b
    0x4a003570 0x0001000a
    0x4a003574 0x0004000b
    0x4a003578 0x0001000b
    0x4a00357c 0x0000010d
    0x4a003580 0x0004000f
    0x4a003584 0x0004000f
    0x4a003588 0x0004000f
    0x4a00358c 0x0004000f
    0x4a003590 0x0000000b
    0x4a003594 0x0005000b
    0x4a003598 0x00000103
    0x4a00359c 0x00000103
    0x4a0035a0 0x00000103
    0x4a0035a4 0x00000103
    0x4a0035a8 0x00000103
    0x4a0035ac 0x00000103
    0x4a0035b0 0x00040103
    0x4a0035b4 0x00040103
    0x4a0035b8 0x00060103
    0x4a0035bc 0x00060103
    0x4a0035c0 0x00060103
    0x4a0035c4 0x00060103
    0x4a0035c8 0x00090100
    0x4a0035cc 0x00090100
    0x4a0035d0 0x0001000e
    0x4a0035d4 0x00090100
    0x4a0035d8 0x00090100
    0x4a0035dc 0x00090100
    0x4a0035e0 0x00090100
    0x4a0035e4 0x00090100
    0x4a0035e8 0x00090100
    0x4a0035ec 0x00090100
    0x4a0035f0 0x00090100
    0x4a0035f4 0x00090100
    0x4a0035f8 0x00090100
    0x4a0035fc 0x00090100
    0x4a003600 0x00090100
    0x4a003604 0x00090100
    0x4a003608 0x00090100
    0x4a00360c 0x00090100
    0x4a003610 0x00090100
    0x4a003614 0x00090100
    0x4a003618 0x00090100
    0x4a00361c 0x00090100
    0x4a003620 0x00090100
    0x4a003624 0x00090100
    0x4a003628 0x00090100
    0x4a00362c 0x00090100
    0x4a003630 0x00090100
    0x4a003634 0x00090100
    0x4a003638 0x00090100
    0x4a00363c 0x000c0000
    0x4a003640 0x000d0000
    0x4a003644 0x0004000f
    0x4a003648 0x000c000f
    0x4a00364c 0x000c000f
    0x4a003650 0x00000100
    0x4a003654 0x00000100
    0x4a003658 0x00000100
    0x4a00365c 0x00000100
    0x4a003660 0x00000100
    0x4a003664 0x00000100
    0x4a003668 0x00040100
    0x4a00366c 0x00040100
    0x4a003670 0x00060100
    0x4a003674 0x00060100
    0x4a003678 0x00060100
    0x4a00367c 0x00060100
    0x4a003680 0x00090000
    0x4a003684 0x00090000
    0x4a003688 0x00010000
    0x4a00368c 0x00010000
    0x4a003690 0x00060000
    0x4a003694 0x00000009
    0x4a003698 0x0004000b
    0x4a00369c 0x0001000e
    0x4a0036a0 0x00000009
    0x4a0036a4 0x0000000b
    0x4a0036a8 0x000d000b
    0x4a0036ac 0x0005000e
    0x4a0036b0 0x0005000e
    0x4a0036b4 0x000e000b
    0x4a0036b8 0x000e000b
    0x4a0036bc 0x0005000e
    0x4a0036c0 0x0005000e
    0x4a0036c4 0x0001000e
    0x4a0036c8 0x0001000e
    0x4a0036cc 0x0001000e
    0x4a0036d0 0x0001000e
    0x4a0036d4 0x000a000b
    0x4a0036d8 0x000a000b
    0x4a0036dc 0x000a000b
    0x4a0036e0 0x000a000b
    0x4a0036e4 0x000a000b
    0x4a0036e8 0x000e000b
    0x4a0036ec 0x000c000b
    0x4a0036f0 0x000c000b
    0x4a0036f4 0x0004000b
    0x4a0036f8 0x000c000b
    0x4a0036fc 0x0004000f
    0x4a003700 0x0004000f
    0x4a003704 0x0004000f
    0x4a003708 0x0004000f
    0x4a00370c 0x000c000b
    0x4a003710 0x000c000b
    0x4a003714 0x0001000e
    0x4a003718 0x0001000e
    0x4a00371c 0x0001000e
    0x4a003720 0x0001000e
    0x4a003724 0x0004000b
    0x4a003728 0x000c000b
    0x4a00372c 0x000e000b
    0x4a003730 0x000e000b
    0x4a003734 0x00050001
    0x4a003738 0x00050001
    0x4a00373c 0x00040000
    0x4a003740 0x00060000
    0x4a003744 0x0001010d
    0x4a003748 0x0005010c
    0x4a00374c 0x0004000f
    0x4a003750 0x0004000f
    0x4a003754 0x00060000
    0x4a003758 0x00060000
    0x4a00375c 0x00060000
    0x4a003760 0x00060000
    0x4a003764 0x00060000
    0x4a003768 0x00060000
    0x4a00376c 0x000d000e
    0x4a003770 0x000d000e
    0x4a003774 0x0006000b
    0x4a003778 0x0002000b
    0x4a00377c 0x0002000b
    0x4a003780 0x0002000b
    0x4a003784 0x0002000b
    0x4a003788 0x0002000b
    0x4a00378c 0x0006000b
    0x4a003790 0x0004000b
    0x4a003794 0x0004000b
    0x4a003798 0x0004000b
    0x4a00379c 0x0004000b
    0x4a0037a0 0x0004000b
    0x4a0037a4 0x0001000e
    0x4a0037a8 0x0001000e
    0x4a0037ac 0x0001000e
    0x4a0037b0 0x0001000e
    0x4a0037b4 0x0001000e
    0x4a0037b8 0x000c000e
    0x4a0037bc 0x000e0006
    0x4a0037c0 0x00050000
    0x4a0037c4 0x000d0000
    0x4a0037c8 0x000d0000
    0x4a0037cc 0x000d0000
    0x4a0037d0 0x000e000f
    0x4a0037d4 0x000e000f
    0x4a0037e0 0x0009000e
    0x4a0037e4 0x0009000e
    0x4a0037e8 0x0006000f
    0x4a0037ec 0x0006000f
    0x4a0037f0 0x00050004
    0x4a0037f4 0x00010000
    0x4a0037f8 0x00050002
    0x4a0037fc 0x00010001
    0x4a003800 0x00050000
    0x4a003804 0x00050000
    0x4a003808 0x00050001
    0x4a00380c 0x00050001
    0x4a003818 0x00010000
    0x4a00381c 0x00010000
    0x4a003820 0x00010000
    0x4a003824 0x00010000
    0x4a003828 0x00010000
    0x4a00382c 0x00010000
    0x4a003830 0x00060000
    0x4a003834 0x000e0000
    0x4a003838 0x00020000
    0x4a00383c 0x00060000
    0x4a003840 0x00040000
    0x4a003844 0x00020000
    0x4a003848 0x00060000
    0x4a00384c 0x00060000
    0x4a00385c 0x00010000
    0x4a003860 0x00010000
    0x4a003864 0x00010000

  • Your register dump indicates that MCASP_ACLKXCTL has bit 6 (ASYNC) set to 0 which corresponds to RX/TX being clocked entirely from the transmit side.  Since you're attempting to use ACLKR and AFSR pins you need to program ASYNC=1.