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TMAG5170-Q1: TMAG5170-Q1

Part Number: TMAG5170-Q1

HI Everyone,

I have a doubt regarding  the sensor CRC error. I tried to disable the CRC using x0F000407 SPI command which I understand it is configuring the test_config register. But it is not working. And even if the CRC error is present the SDO read should happen right, this is also not happening.

Please let me know why is this


  • Athira,

    0x0F000407 is the correct code to transmit in order to disable CRC checking.

    When you indicate an SDO read problem, the device does not enable conversions by default, so CRC errors from the beginning would result with no output.  However, you should still be able to perform read back on any input register to verify the device settings.  You should at a minimum be able to pick up the status bits.  It would be good to check these during your troubleshooting to perhaps track down any potential setup error that could be causing the CRC disable command to not take effect.   

    Particularly, I would recommend to start by checking the SPI format against the datasheet for the proper rising and falling edge timing.  If using a different format, it is possible that the device would latch differently than expected and this could result in a CRC error.  

    Thank you,


  • Thank you Scott.

    The error is solved now.