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AWR1243: AWR 1243 firmware and Power consumption

Part Number: AWR1243


We have a board with AWR1243,and we found that AWR1243 has a high power consumption up to,I have a couple of questions about this.

  1. Is it necessary to download the firmware? What is the firmware responsible for? 
  2. Is it possible to reduce the Power consumption without firmware(RadarSS Image/MasterSS Image)? if not,please tell me some suggestion about to reduce power consumption.

Thanks and Best Regards.

  • Hi,

    Let me check this internally with the team and get back to you with an update.



  • Hi,

    The mmWave firmware is responsible for configuring RF/analog, digital front end in TI mmWave radar devices. So, it is necessary to download the firmware onto the device. To reduce the power consumption, you can try the below 

    1. Power is mostly consumed by the device in Active chirping mode. So basically, if you reduce the chirp duty cycle (ratio of active framing and total frame period), that will help in ultimately reducing the average device power. This can be done either by decreasing the frame active time (keeping total frame time constant) or by increasing the inter-frame idle time.

    2. You can also disable the active number of transmitters at once to reduce power (or reduce the output power/transmitting power of TX)

    3. You can save power by configuring Interchirp Idle time > 10us. In that case, most of the blocks in the device are turned off in the interchirp idle time to save power.

    4. You can use Low power ADC mode (half rate ADC mode), but this puts a limitation on the usable IF bandwidth. Please refer to the mmWave Interface Control document for that.

    5. Using a real only complex chain can also help here.

    So, it's basically weighing various factors now. Obviously, each of them comes with a cost and have their own pros and cons, but these are some of the ways in which power can be optimized.



  • Thanks for the suggestions. I want to know the default configurations when the device is powered up (rlDevicePowerOn API) ,especially the ADC mode,FMCW chirp,FMCW profile,FMCW frame,etc.or tell me the datasheet which i could refer.

    And I also want to know the difference between AWR1243 and IWRxx  in power consumption if they have same configuations. Which one should I 

    choose in the industrial field?


  • Hi,

    Please refer the SDK user guide which has all this information documented and the OOB demo and other examples as well. If your application is industrial, you should use IWR devices. AWR devices are for automotive grade applications and will not be required in the industrial field.