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TIDEP-01012: MMWCAS-RF-EVM MIMO maximum range irregularity

Part Number: TIDEP-01012


The reference design document states that MIMO mode is capable of detecting targets at 150 meters. Using the specified MRR configuration, the following plot was obtained. What is the dip at the furthest range? Does this mean that the MRR configuration cannot detect targets at 150 meters?

  • Hello,

    This drop is due to the low pass filters and is expected. You can see similar behavior from the app note plots.

    There would be some attenuation in this region, but it does not mean that you cannot detect any objects. However, you can adjust the profile accordingly (such as increase the sample rate and chirp bandwidth) to push the LPF region further out if you are concerned about the attenuation at 150m. You can refer to the below app note to get more details on how to adjust chirp parameters for range, velocity, etc.



  • Thanks, I suspected as much. They should update the MRR chirp to better-fit the sampling rate. Why does the signal start to rise soon after the roll-off? The zero-Doppler line seems to indicate that there is a target at 150 meters in the figure I attached to the original post.