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mmWave Industrial Toolbox -- Preview Documents

mmWave upcoming Documents Preview



We continually update and improve mmWave collateral based on feedback and requests.

Through this thread we would like to provide an early preview to such updated or new documents that will soon be part of the collateral.

Please note that the final document might differ in format and content in comparison to these early previews.


Preview Collateral

Destination collateral


People Counting Customization Guide People Counting Demo -- Part of mmWave Industrial Toolbox v2.1.2 Including Customization Guide in order to enable tuning the demo for specific scenes and scenarios.


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  • Known Issues with mmWave Industrial Tool Box Release 1.6.2 , 2.0.0 :


    Project: TI ROS Point Cloud Visualizer Lab (aka TI mmWave ROS Driver) Version 1.1, 1.2

    The affected lab is part of TI's mmWave Training Package versions 1.5.5, 1.6.1, 1.6.2,  mmWave Industrial Tool Box 2.0.0

    Problem Statement


    The ROS Point Cloud Visualizer Lab fails to start with the recent ROS kinetic distribution (ros-kinetic-desktop-full) update from




    The roslaunch command provided in TI mmWave ROS driver Setup Guide throws the following errors on the shell. A snapshot of the error is also attached.


    [Error]: [<Timestamp>]: Skipped loading plugin with error: XML Document ‘<ros_workspace>/src/ti_mmwave_rospkg/mmWave_nodelets.xml’ has no Root Element. This likely means the XML is malformed or missing…


    The error message continues on the shell and RVIZ starts-up but there is no point cloud displayed in the RVIZ window.


    Finally, the following error is shown in the error log on the shell.


    Failed to call service mmWaveCli.




    It appears that the ROS Kinetic distribution used by TI ROS Point Cloud Visualizer Lab was updated recently to have more error checking and it found an error in one of the XML files in TI’s ROS driver package. The error was always there in the XML file but it had no impact until now. The details of the file and the error are given below:


    File: <ros_workspace>/ti_mmwave_rospkg/mmWave_nodelets.xml (The <ros_workspace> is usually ~/catkin_ws)

    Error: The <depend>  tag on line 14 is closed incorrectly as shown.






    In the file ~/catkin_ws/src/ti_mmwave_rospkg/mmWave_nodelets.xml:








    and restart the visualizer using the roslaunch command.



    People Counting Demo Lab (Industrial Toolbox 2.2.0)

    Problem Statement

    Sub zones cannot be created with the Demo Visualization software.


    After defining the sub zones inside the visualizer setup screen, the sub zones fail to appear while the demo is running.


    If you have a matlab license, this thread contains the solution:

    Otherwise, the fixed Visualizer will be available at the beginning of May.