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PGA900: Selecting between the data rates

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Part Number: PGA900

Hi, I wanted to know how to alter between the sampling rates of the PGA900. The Application report for "System Noise Analysis of a Resistive Bridge Pressure Sensor Connected to the PGA900" states that the "Output data rate is selectable between 15.6 kSPS and 7.8 kSPS", however what is the procedure in changing between the two? 

  • Hello Shafeeq,

    The output rate of the delta sigma modulator's decimation filter is controlled in the PADC_CONFIG register (DI page 0x2, DI offset 0x23). There is a bit called PADC_DECI_RATE where you can set the output rate. 1 is one sample every 128us and 0 is one sample every 64us. There is also a TADC_CONFIG register with the same options (DI page 0x2, DI offset 0x27).



    Scott Cummins

    Precision ADC Applications