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[FAQ] CCS/AWR1642BOOST: Cannot load out of box demo from Industrial Toolbox in Resource Explorer

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Part Number: AWR1642BOOST

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hello Folks,

sorry to annoy you - I am pulling my hair out over this. I have a fully updated CCS 10 running on my Windows 10 box, and have both Automotive Toolbox - 3.0.0. and Industrial Toolbox - 4.3.1 installed in addition to the mmWave SDK. 

When I pick a sample in the Automotive toolbox, I can import it into my local projects. Sadly, this option is not available for the out of Box Demo projects in the Industrial Toolbox. Strangely, other labs such as ODS CCS can be resusciated (see images).

May I ask why the Out of Box Demo cannot be loaded? 

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