Product, tool & software alerts still not working?

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Any news on this thread:

Still not getting Product, tool & software alerts.

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  • Hello Patrick, 

    Product Alerts are working correctly.  Software Alerts and Tool Alerts are still not updated, debug and update still a work-in-progress; I do not have an expected completion date.



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    In reply to LeonardEllis:

    Hi Leonard,

    Unfortunately Product Alert does not work for my account. I have a list of approx. 50+ devices. Last Product Alert I got was March, 31th 2019. But since then a lot of datasheets and manuals changed.
    On the other hand I still get Software/Tool Alerts. Last received April, 25th 2020 for UniFlash.

    Product Alerts are essential to us as we would like to get notified e.g. when datasheet change or when silicon erratas change.

    This problem is getting urgent. I have first reported problems with E-Mail alerts back in January 2019.



  • In reply to Pruf:

    Hi Patrick, 

    This issue is being actively worked on; it may be another week or two before it is resolved.

    I will update this thread when I receive notification that it is now working correctly.  Thanks for reporting this, and for your patience and understanding. 



  • In reply to LeonardEllis:

    Hi Patrick -

    Just wanted to follow up 

    Our developers were able to confirm the problem and have found what they believe is the root cause. There should be a code push sometime in the next few days to correct the problem, and at that point you should start seeing alerts again. I will follow up when that launch is scheduled.

    Thanks for continuing to bring this up to us. It was difficult to find. and we appreciate your patience while we sorted through the problem.

    Best regards,


    John Walker
    Texas Instruments, Inc.