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TMUX1574: Is it required to add pull up resistors on pins D1-D4 and pins S1-S4 for proper termination of JTAG signals?

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Part Number: TMUX1574


Is it required to add PU/PD on D1-D4 outputs in addition to the PU/PD applied on S1-4A/B for proper termination of the JTAG signals or the S1-4A/B PU/PD is sufficient?

Please take into consideration the device is always enabled (pin #15 nEN=’0’).

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  • Hi Adam,

    The TMUX1574 2:1 (SPDT) 4 channel switch does not require any external pull-up resistors due to the push-pull architecture of the JTAG driver. There is also no need to add pull-down resistors due to the internal integration of pull-down resistors specified in the datasheet. The only external component needed is a decoupling capacitor for the power supply.

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