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Dear sir,

i am working on SCS , and now wanna port it to CCS.

in CCS,

   // Set the Sensor Controller task tick interval to 1 second
    uint32_t rtc_Hz = 16;  // 16Hz RTC
    scifStartRtcTicksNow(0x00010000 / rtc_Hz);

May i know the max value for the RTC Hz?



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    Do you really mean max of tick_var in the following: scifStartRtcTicksNow(tick_var) ?

    Maximum is 0xFFFFFFFF which is 2^16-1 seconds. The minimum value will be a bit dependent on the time a SCE task take. You can set the delay to one tick but the SCE task will take longer than one tick. In addition, normally you want to start the SCE as infrequently as possible to save current.


  • In reply to TER:

    HI ter,

    thanks for your reply.

    I am now running for CC1310 launchpad.

    yes i am refering to scifStartRtcTicksNow(tick_var)

    and in CCS ,there is two relating this

    uint32_t rtc_Hz = 16;  // 16Hz RTC
     scifStartRtcTicksNow(0x00010000 / rtc_Hz);

    may i know the real time of how fast do this per task ?

    And if there will be any problem if i add delay " for API -- delay insertion "

    inside it?



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    In reply to Jeff Yu:

    "may i know the real time of how fast do this per task ?" not clear what you mean. A task is run for each tick of scifStartRtcTicksNow.

    // Enable RTC ticks, with N Hz tick interval
    scifStartRtcTicksNow(0x00010000 / N);

    // Enable RTC ticks, with N Hz tick interval
    scifStartRtcTicksNow gets a 32 bit word in. The two most significant bytes are the time between each tick in seconds. The 2 least significant bytes are sub second. (x/2^16-1) seconds where x is the 2 least significant bytes.