PSpice-For-TI_setup failing to install

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I have downloaded PSpice-For-TI_setup as instructed on an email received from I'm running Windows 10 Enterprise v1809; when I double click on the executable to install the tool, the install process starts and immediately stops (install windows closes). Not sure what's causing this, and I've tried several things without successful. Has anybody experience this before?

5 Replies

  • Hi,

      Do your user name on windows include non-latin character? Are you able to screen capture any log information?

  • In reply to Yong Liu5:

    user name is just regular FirstName.LastName, and no, unfortunately, the install prompt pops on and off too quickly to be able to capture anything

  • In reply to tz_kins:

    Have you ever seen a window asking for user email and access key?


  • In reply to JC Zhu:

    No, I don't get that far

  • In reply to JC Zhu:

    I just sent you a message, please check. There's a file I want you to try.