Can additional products be added to the PCB thermal calculator?

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We have received a request to the Precision Amplifiers e2e forum asking that the OPA551FA (DDPAK) package added to the PCB thermal calculator. I wasn't familiar with this online tool until we received questions about it. I have reviewed the Applications Report associated with the calculator, but that doesn't answer their question about adding a model. When I check the calculator it shows that it supports only one of our PRAMPS power op amps, the OPA564.

The Applications Report originated in 2010 and was updated in 2019. Is the thermal calculator considered active, where additional products can be added or is considered obsolete? If it is active the customer is requesting the OPA551FA be added.

By the way, the Part Number entry point in the  "Create a new thread" did not list the OPA551, and wouldn't allow me to enter it. Therefore, I was forced to select the "I don't have a part number" option, which of course isn't true.

Thank you, Thomas

Precision Amplifiers Applications Engineering

  • Hi Thomas,

    The PCB thermal tool is an active tool. We can add more products to be supported in the tool - provided we have the necessary data to calculate the temperature profiles using the thermal model in the tool. As the above App-note details, tool is primarily designed for all "medium-power" components with a direct thermal path (via an exposed thermal pad / vias) to a single PCB spreader plane for heat dissipation. I believe OPA551FA falls in to the category and hence can be supported by the tool.

    I will send you an email with the process / data required to add a new product to the tool. BU Apps + Packaging team will be responsible for creating / sharing that data needed. I can help with the process of updating the tool.

    For the e2e forum related issue (where OPA551 was not listed) - if you continue to face this issue , please consider starting a new thread which can be assigned to e2e platform support team for resolution.

    I will close this post as we will follow up on email for resolution.

    Best Regards,

    Srikanth Pam

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