TIDA-00637: CT Part Number Used in TIDA-00637

Part Number: TIDA-00637
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Hello E2E Experts,

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I have reviewed the documentation thoroughly, and I just wanted to confirm that in the document titled "Implementation of a Single-Phase Electronic Watt-Hour Meter Using MSP430F6736(A) (Rev. F)" (slaa517f.pdf), there is no mention of the accuracy class of the current transformer that is needed to achieve the Class 0.2 E-Meter rating. However, in "Level 1 and Level 2 Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) Reference Design" (tidub87.pdf), which is the document that led me to slaa517.pdf, on page 18, it mentions that "An external 0.05% CT is required to meet the high accuracy specification with the appropriate burden resistor tuning." I just want to confirm that 0.05% is the intended number and not 0.5%. I ask because I have had significant difficulty finding a 2000:1 turn ratio current transformer with a 0.05% accuracy. If possible, can the part number of the current transformer used in the EVM for the single-phase meter be provided as a reference?

Thank you in advance.