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CC3220MODA: Replacement for CC3220MODASF12MONR with an any compatible SOC in TI product line that has better availability and firmware compatibility.

Part Number: CC3220MODA
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC3220MOD, CC3220S


We have a product that has gone through the whole process of development and prototyping. Now after some delay due to COVID19 we are back trying to go into mass production. The brains of our device is the "CC3220MODASF12MONR" which is showing to have longer lead times and extremely higher costs now.

Can your design team suggest us an alternative compatible SOC with better availability that has similar footprint for PCB integration as well as that can be deployed with the same firmware developed for CC3220MODASF12MONR? If not can you suggest a solution for this that may have the least invasiveness to the designs already developed. 

Your response will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

  • Hi,

    Regarding modules that would be similar from a hardware perspective, our CC3220MODSF would be similar footprint (minus antenna) and use the same firmware. In terms of availability, you'll have to check with the TI store or your distributor. 

    Our CC3235MODx modules would also be similar. However, these use a different firmware loaded to the device and support additional features like 5GHz.

    Best Regards,

    Ben M

  • Hi Ben,

    Really appreciate your quick response. Can you please tell me what would be the drawbacks of using the "CC3220MODSF" without antenna? Do we have to integrate an external antenna to use it's Wi-Fi features? Can you point me into right direction to incorporate that. 

    Also is Texas Instruments "CC3220MODSM" also similarly integrate able like CC3220MODSF?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Hi Waleed,

    You would need to add an external antenna to your design. The easiest route to go would be to use one of the antennas that we have approved as part of our certification testing. Other than incorporating the antenna into your design and following the guidelines for layout on the RF path (and the recommendations from antenna vendor), this would be the same from a certification standpoint as using the MODA version.

    You can refer to our certification reports on this page:

    Regarding the "CC3220MODS", this is similar to the CC3220MODSF and would integrate the same from a hardware perspective. The difference is the "SF" has an additional 1MB of flash on the CC3220 chip for supporting larger applications. You'll want to check that your application would still be able to be supported on the CC3220S, which only has 256KB of RAM for both code/data.

    Best Regards,

    Ben M