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Compiler/CC2533: CC2533 samlpe code for uart,i2c,timer,usb,spi,and othe peripheral device

Part Number: CC2533
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: REMOTI,

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler

The sample code is do not have the sample about uart(peripheral device) which i download form TI websit.Where i can get more sample code?

  • I recommend you get started with REMOTI v1.3.1 which includes all of the driver support that you are requesting.


  • Hi Ryan,

    I get it.thank you very much for your help.The source code will generate after install the RemoTI-CC253xDK-1.4.0.c64807.exe .

    The path is C:\Texas Instruments\RemoTI-CC253xDK-1.4.0.c64807\Projects\RemoTI\RNP\CC253x

    But i find a new problem.I can't get the .hex file after I rebuild the source code in \RemoTI-CC253xDK-1.4.0.c64807\Projects\RemoTI\RNP\CC253x .

    \RemoTI-CC253xDK-1.4.0.c64807\Projects\RemoTI\RNP\CC253x\CC2533F64-Originator\Exe  generate "rnp_cc2533f64-Originator.d51" .But i need the  file "rnp_cc2533f64-Originator.hex".

    I think that may be something wrong about configuration.  Where can i find the documentation of the configuration?

  • Part Number: CC2533

    Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler

    It is the project patch:

    C:\Texas Instruments\RemoTI-CC253xDK-1.4.0.c64807\Projects\RemoTI\RNP\CC253x

    I rebuid all the project,and i get a .hex file "rnp_cc2533.hex".It's size is 169K.But my cc2533 flash size is 64K.Are there any ways to reduce the size of this file?

    In the path C:\Texas Instruments\RemoTI-CC253xDK-1.4.0.c64807\bin

    There are a lot of .hex files and .bin file.The .bin file is smaller than the .hex.Is there any difference between them?

    Does this mean that I have to compile to generate a .bin file to make the burn file smaller?

    How can i do?

    Thank for your help!

  • Hi xianghai,

    Please go to Project Options -> Linker -> Extra Output, check Generate additional output, and determine a hex file name.  Select intel-extended as the Ouput format and None for the Format variant.  Default location is still the Exe folder.  Make sure to use IAR EW8051 v9.20.2 (from the Resource Guide) and that  the C/C++ Compiler -> Optimization Level is High.  The Resource Guide also mentions size constraint compilation directives and an IAR issue for which the project must be compiled twice or use the command line compilation interface.