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CC1121: comparison with CC1120/25

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Part Number: CC1121

Hello team,

one of my customers is planning to use the CC1120 but they wanted to evaluate the differences in performance between the CC1120/21/25. Do you have any comparison such as a paper or a presentation?

Also, in case they design with one of the devices, are the 3 of them all interchangeable? Or do they only share the same core structure but different pinout?

Thank you in advance for your support!

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    CC1120 and CC1121 have the same performance. The only difference is that the minimum RX BW is 41 kHz.

    For CC1125, it's possible to use 40 MHz as a xtal frequency which lowers the phase noise which is good for narrowband applications.

    Typically the chips will be used for slightly different systems making it easier to say based on your customers spec which one they should use.

    CC1120, CC1121 and CC1125 are pin compatible.