DRV8818 Motor Output Current Specification

What is the max current per channel (AOUT+, AOUT-, BOUT+, BOUT-)? I know the device is rated for 2.5A, but as I am designing the PCB I need to know some current specifications for each of the individual lines. I am assuming each line doesn’t need to carry the full 2.5A, but I am not sure of this and wanted to check what an appropriate current would be for which to design.
Let me know so I don't end up with excessively large traces and headers.

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  • Kevin,

    The gerber files for the EVM are available on our website in a zip file.  You can open them and take the measurements.  If you are using the full RMS current in each winding, then the traces for AOUT-/+ and BOUT-/+ should all be sized to handle this current. 

    Ryan Kehr

    Motor Drive Application Manager