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RTOS/TDA2HV: IN TDA2x soc SPI mode is not affecting in the output

Part Number: TDA2HV

Tool/software: TI-RTOS


We are working on ADAS TDA2x SOC. We configured the TDA2x's SPI0 in the slave mode.We get the data on the MOSI line.But when we transmitted the data on the MISO line of TDA2x soc the data left shifted data by the one on the master side.So, for correcting this we tried the SPI's mode(0,1,2,3)But we cant get the effect in the MISO line and we cant see the effect on the CRO.

we are changing in the " mcspiPrms.spiHWCfgData.configChfmt[0].clockMode           = MCSPI_MODE2; "parameter in the code.But it cannot be reflected in the CRO

1) Does above change is reflected in the code for changing the SPI mode? 

2) Do we change the correct parameter for SPI mode?

Please suggest us the possible solution to resolve this.